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Academic support and services

Computer rooms

Coordinator: Dr. Annalisa Golfredi.
Department students can use two computer rooms and a wireless Internet connection for laptops. In order to access the computer rooms and the wireless Internet connection, the student has
to show Department personnel a document that states that he/she has registered for one or more of the courses offered by the Department. All computers are connected to the Department server, and students
have access to e-mail, Internet, laser printers and a scanner.
The computers have software for word-processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentations, as
well as specialized software for statistics, econometrics and mathematics.

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 9.30/17.30
Friday 9.30/13.30

Aula DOS Via S. Felice 7- basement
Aula Informatica Via S. Felice 7 – courtyard (ground floor)

Web sites

University site: http://www.unipv.it
Department of Economics and Management: http:// economia.unipv.it/


The Library of Economics is situated in Palazzo San Felice.
It is an open-shelf Library: users can freely access the material after having left bags and folders in the lockers placed at the entrance.
Please search the online catalogue to retrieve the material you are interested in.

Check the Library website for further information and services.

Via S.Felice 7 - courtyard (ground floor)
Tel. Info and Loans +39 0382 986262
Librarians +39 0382 986261 - 6484
E-mail: prestito.bibeco@unipv.it

Lecture rooms

MAIN BUILDING - Via S.Felice 7
27100 Pavia
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8.30/23.00

Services for students with disabilities

Servizio Assistenza e Integrazione Studenti Disabili (S.A.I.S.D.)
Address: Palazzo del Majno – P.zza Leonardo da Vinci.
Tel: +39 0382 984953
Fax: +39 0382 984954
E-mail: disabili@unipv.it

Placement office

Ufficio stage
Tel: +39 0382 986463
Fax: +39 0382 304226
E-mail: ufficiostage@eco.unipv.it

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