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Join the Linkedin MEFI Group

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 If you have a Linkedin account, you should already be aware of the possibilities which LinkedIn offers and for what purposes it can be used. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, we kindly ask you to sign up and create a profile (https://www.linkedin.com/reg/signup ) in order to participate in the MEFI group activities described below. Please make sure in your Linkedin profile you specify that you are studying/have studied at MEFI.

The idea behind a LinkedIn MEFI group is to create a network where all MEFI students (past, present, future; Italian and foreign) can communicate and keep in touch, not only during the two-year study period, but also after they have graduated. Once they have graduated, they can still keep in contact, as old friends do, but also providing feedback as to their work experiences. Since every member of the group will have a LinkedIn account and profile, it will be possible to keep track of the professional career of all students, getting a clear picture of the different paths and work possibilities which the program offers once it has been completed.

Linkedin is also one of the most popular and favourite tools used by managers, directors and recruitment agencies to make their search for potential candidates. MEFI Linkedin group will become a very comprehensive and rich database of curricula and human capital for them to focus on, when looking for the perfect candidate. On the other hand, interesting job/internship adverts and notifications about offers available will be published on the group, giving a chance to students to keep an eye on the job market.
We therefore kindly ask you to join the group and become an active member and contributor to this tool which will make the MEFI experience even more exciting!

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO JOIN: Please sign into your Linkedin account ( or set up one), search for “MEFI – University of Pavia” in the “search” field, and then request to join the group.
PLEASE NOTE: The group is open ONLY to MEFI students, enrolled or already graduated. Other requests to join will NOT be accepted.


Credits: apnetwork.it