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Registration to the Bloomberg course

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Book your Bloomberg session here.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Bloomberg allows students to attend the BMC course.

• Bloomberg Market Concept is a fast-paced e-learning course by Bloomberg that can be completed within a week and the participants are awarded with a certificate of COMPLETION at the end of the course. (The final certificate will not report the score gained)
• This course primarily includes 8 hours of video tutorials which utilize Bloomberg data, indices, analytics and news stories to provide knowledge of market essentials to the participants.
• The course material is divided into 4 modules dedicated to specific market sectors (Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities) and participants are presented with 120 assessment questions throughout the modules.

This course also aims at introducing participants to the Bloomberg Terminal which is commonly employed by financial services firms. Along with the course contents, participants would be introduced to new Bloomberg Terminal functions at every step which can help retrieve, display, read and interpret data on the terminal. It offers a kind of limited practical exposure to Bloomberg Terminal which can come in handy later.

Each of these modules consists of several sub-modules and the participants are expected to acquire knowledge of at least one sub-module per sitting. Next, we would provide a brief overview of each of the primary modules to give readers an idea of what exactly would they learn from the course.
It is strongly recommended not to take the course lightly and devote enough time to go through the contents and master them to be able to take full advantage in terms of acquiring useful knowledge, skills and capabilities.

It is possible to attend the BMC in the library where Bloomberg is located. We are preparing an online reservation tool for Bloomberg. Meantime it is possible to book the hours during which the students would like to attend the course by filling in a worksheet located in the library. The access for attending the BMC is restricted from 4 PM to 22 PM every day. This restriction is for the attendance of the BMC only, and not for the use of the Bloomberg terminal for different purposes.

We suggest to organize small groups of 4/5 students (maximum) in order to allow everyone to attend the course.

Instructions to access the course are provided in the library close to Bloomberg Terminal.
When students access BMC they should provide the following Course Code: cecn12

Credits: apnetwork.it