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Maria Sassi

Academic position:
Associate Professor
msassi (at) eco.unipv.it
Phone number:
+39 0382/986465


Quantitative policy analysis for development
Quantitative policy analysis for development
Quantitative policy analysis
Quantitative policy analysis
Quantitative policy analysis


No exams

Curriculum vitae

Maria Sassi is an Associate Professor in Economics and Estimo Rurale (AGR/01) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia, where she teaches Agrarian and Agro-Industrial Economics and Management and Analytical Tools for Equal Opportunities in Public and Private Organisations. She teaches courses on Agriculture and Economic Development at the IUSS European School of Advanced Studies in Cooperation and Development, Pavia.

She is a member of the:
• Technical and Scientific Committee at the Inter-Departmental Research Center on ‘Gender Studies’;
• Center for International Cooperation representing the Department of Management Studies of the Faculty of Economics;
• Centre for International Cooperation and Development of the University of Pavia;
• Commission or International Activities Commission of the Faculty of Economics.

She has promoted the:
• Centre for Agro-food and Environmental Development and Cooperation and co-ordinates the Unit of Pavia on Food Safety and Development of Agricultural Economies;
• International Research Network on Natural Resources, Agricultural Development and Food Security with the University of Pretoria.

She represents the University of Pavia in the Directive and Scientific Council of the Research Centres for Economic, Rural and Environmental Studies.

She is a member of the Editing Committee of the journal, ‘Economia e Diritto Agroalimentare’. She is also the editor of the International Working Paper Series of the NAF International Research Centre (the Centre originates from, and coordinates the Cooperation Agreement between the Universities of Pavia and Pretoria);
She is an INEA (National Insitute of Agricultural Economics) expert.
She has undertaken research on both European and National projects, the results of which have been presented at national and international conferences, and in numerous publications.

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